Zamudio was the last captain of the Flotilla vessel Palestine.

During the final deceleration stage of their voyage to Journey's End, Captain Haussmann of the Santiago intentionally delayed initiating his ship's deceleration burn. Despite not knowing the details of how Haussmann planned to prevent overshooting their target, Zamudio -- after an hour of heated debate with the other two captains -- ordered a mid-burn shutdown of their fantastically unstable antimatter-fueled engines. His vessel, along with all its crew and passengers, was destroyed in an antimatter explosion.

However, Zamudio had the last laugh. The Palestine was transmitting technical data to its two new allies up until nanoseconds before the detonation. Because of his failure both the Baghdad and the Brazilia managed to modify their magnetic containment fields to prevent matter blow back or antimatter leakage during their subsequent engine shutdowns.

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