Yellowstone was a planet in the Epsilon Eridani system, originally settled by Americans via Von Neumann machines housing fertilized human eggs. The colony failed in what appeared to be a similarly murderous manner as another failed American colony: Diadem.

Re-settled by Demarchists a century later, Yellowstone was the pinnacle of human civilisation from approximately 2350 to 2510. By the time of Tanner Mirabel's arrival -- seven years after the Melding Plague -- the planet was unrecognizable, rife with poverty and conflict. The remnants of the Glitter Band were by then referred to as the Rust Belt.

Human civilisation on and around Yellowstone was destroyed by the Inhibitors in 2698.

Notes Edit

  • The method used by the Americans to settle the planet in the 22nd century is potentially identical to the method they used on Diadem.
  • Reynolds's 2007 novel The Prefect is set around Yellowstone and the Glitter Band during their prime, about 100 years before the events of Chasm City.