Xavier Liu, nicknaed Xav among some of his friends, was an inhabitant of the Yellowstone Rust Belt.

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He was the co-worker and romantic partner of Antoinette Bax. Together, they maintained and operated Storm Bird, an older freighter inherited by Antoinette from her later father, Jim Bax. Liu often served as the ship's chief mechanic.

After their run-in with Nevil Clavain, Liu and Bax eventually joined his expedition on the lighthugger Zodiacal Light to Resurgam in the Delta Pavonis system, in search of the Nostalgia for Infinity and answers concerning the emerging Inhibitor threat.

When the Nostalgia ferried refugees from the threatened colony on Resurgam, Liu and Bax joined the ranks of its new crew and eventually settled on Ararat along with fellow crew members and refugees, once the Nostalgia landed on the planet under the control of captain Brannigan.

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