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Official websites

Fansites and fan forums

  • Juggler and Shrouder Forums - These were the biggest fan discussion forums on the Revelation Space series (and other A. Reynolds works) during the late 2000s and early 2010s. Sadly, they appear to be defunct. (A link to the archived remnants of the forums is available here.) Reynolds himself was a member of the forums in the early 2010s. [1]
  • Revelation Space discussion subreddit - Current biggest discussion forum dedicated to the Revelation Space universe, operated as a subreddit of Reddit.
  • The Fandom-powered wiki you're currently reading. :-)

Online articles, interviews et al

With Alastair Reynolds

Interviews with or articles about Alastair Reynolds, Welsh science fiction writer and former ESA scientist, author of the Revelation Space series.

With John Lee

Selected interviews with John Lee, award-winning audiobook narrator who has provided narration for all the audiobook adaptations of the Revelation Space series.

Video interviews et al

Public appearances by A. Reynolds

Interviews with A. Reynolds


  1. Two Things, Approaching Pavonis Mons by Balloon blog, 6 September 2012

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