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"Weather" (not her full name) was a female Conjoiner of younger age.

At one point earlier in her life, while visiting with her Conjoiner companions in the vicinity of Yellowstone, she was kidnapped by the crew of the pirate lighthugger Cockatrice and held hostage. The ship's captain, Voulage, intended to pressure her for technological expertise and secrets related to Conjoiner drives.

Weather was unexpectedly rescued from the Cockatrice by the crew of the lighthugger Petronel, previously pursued and targeted by the Cockatrice. After the destruction of the Cockatrice due to an error involving debris and relativistic speeds, "Weather" survived aboard the wreckage for some time. She was reluctant to leave it, but eventually caught by the crew of the Petronel and brought aboard. The Cockatrice was destroyed in an explosion triggered by an instability of its C-drives, leaving "Weather" as an honorary crew member of the Petronel.

The ship's captain, Van Ness, was somewhat distrustful of her due to her Conjoiner affiliation, but wanted to guarantee her safe passage aboard his ship until she could be reunited with her fellow faction members. During her time on the lighthugger, she and several members of the crew gradually built a sense of trust, and "Weather" even developed a close relationship with the Petronel's shipmaster, Inigo. The shipmaster would later become one of the few non-Conjoiners to witness the secrets behind C-drive computation, revealed by Weather during their combined effort to improve the Petronel's performance.

Personal history[]




  • Like with nearly all members of the Conjoiner faction (especially everyone after the faction's original founders), she did not have a conventional human name. Instead, she was known by a complex and descriptive pseudonym, often hard to easily grasp without the neurological implants used for non-verbal Conjoiner communication. Inigo, who befriended her during her time on the Petronel, dubbed her "Weather" as something of a humorous simplification of the pseudonym she described to him.
  • Though "Weather" is referred to colloquially as a "girl", it is rather clear from the narrative she is already an adult, if still a younger woman. Her age (as well as Inigo's) is vague, in no small part due to the time dilation experienced during lighthugger travel. She is hinted to be anywhere between her early 20s and mid 30s, at least at face value.