Captain Voulage was an Ultranaut, the commander of the piratical lighthugger Cockatrice.

At some point in the earlier centuries of Yellowstone's Belle Epoque, he had kidnapped the Conjoiner "Weather" from the New Venice carousel in orbit around the planet, while Weather was attending a visit to the carousel along with fellow Conjoiners.

Following Weather's kidnapping, Voulage and his crew held her as their captive, trying to force her to reveal crucial technological secrets related to the functioning and performance of a lighthugger's Conjoiner drives. They repeatedly used torture as a method of "persuasion", forcing Weather to comply to a certain extent, adjusting some of their engine performance according to their wishes.

Voulage died aboard his severely damaged ship, along with the rest of his crew, after , while chasing the lighthugger Petronel. The Petronel's crew managed to retrieve Weather, the sole survivor of the Cockatrice.

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  • Voulage is one of the few Ultranaut captains with a major role in a Revelation Space series story that does not actually appear in person during the course of the narrative (and thus, also has no dialogue). He is only referenced by the crew of the pursued Petronel and spoken about by his former captive, Weather.

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