The Voi family were one of the most long-lasting, respected and affluent of Demarchist lineages. The Voi family had played a major role in Demarchist history since its early days in the Solar System, during the settlement of the Iovian moon Europa. They also had a major role later, in the (second) interstellar colonisation of the Epsilon Eridani orbiting planet Yellowstone, and then well into the Yellowstone Demarchy's Belle Epoque.

Notable members of the Voi family Edit

  • Sandra Voi (22nd-23rd century) - Europan colonisation pioneer of French-Canadian descent, Demarchist leader from the late 22nd and early 23rd century
  • Marlon Voi (25th century) - wealthy member of the family, living in Chasm City
  • Aliya Voi (25th century) - wealthy member of the family, living in Chasm City
  • Julius Devon Garlin Voi (25th century) - son of Marlon and Aliya, became a populist demagogue in the Glitter Band during his adult years, under the abbreviated pseudonym Devon Garlin
  • Caleb Voi (25th century) - Julius' brother, Marlon and Aliya's son
  • Sandra Voi (26th century) - a namesake descendant of Sandra Voi, working for Yellowstone military intelligence in the 26th century

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  • Sylveste family - Another wealthy and influential family among Demarchist elites.
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