Tom Dreyfus was a native of Yellowstone and a law enforcement officer in the Panoply, the police force of the Glitter Band.

Dreyfus was an experienced prefect of several years and oversaw the training and early missions of Cadets and newcomer Prefects. Earlier in his career, he held the rank of Field Prefect, before being later promoted to Senior Prefect.

His trusted co-workers in the Panoply were Deputy Field Prefect Sparver Bancal and newcomer Deputy Field Prefect Thalia Ng.

He used to be romantically involved with Valery Chapelon.

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Dreyfus is, predictably, the protagonist of the A Prefect Dreyfus Emergency spinoff series, set on a pre-Melding Plague Yellowstone and Glitter Band.

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  • In a 2009 post on his older blog, Alastair Reynolds noted that his mental image of prefect Dreyfus was something akin to Forrest Whittaker's character in the noir film Phone Booth, a middle-aged and somewhat worldweary policeman. [1]

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