Titus Haussmann, like his father before him, was the head of security for the Santiago, and the effective second-in-command to Captain Balcazar. His authority was extensive aboard the ship, even extending in a limited fashion to the otherwise fractious Flotilla, and was rooted in respect rather than fear. His reputation was such that even decades later Captain Omdurman of the Baghdad recalled him favorably, claiming he was worth a million of Sky Haussmann -- who was his adopted son.

During Titus's time there was harmony aboard the Santiago, and thus his duties were generally related to accidents, with the rare suicide resulting from isolation-fueled depression. This normalcy changed the day his wife, Lucretia, gave birth to a baby not long for the world. Unwilling to see his wife fall to the same depression that had claimed others, Titus found a suitably young "Momio", an immortal child in reefersleep, and switched it with his dead baby. He presented the infant to his wife as their child, and swore the very few who knew the truth to absolute secrecy.

Three years after the birth of his child, Titus's wife died. When the Islamabad exploded she was with a team working outside the hull, and was obliterated.

Years later, Titus himself was killed by a saboteur planted amongst the momios by those in the Sol system who did not wish the expedition to succeed. On his deathbed, Titus admitted the truth of his "son's" origin to Sky, by which point all who had orchestrated the ruse -- save himself -- had died. He also confided in him something his father had told him: there was a sixth ship trailing the Flotilla.


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