The saboteur was an individual -- apparently a human male -- who was covertly placed on board the Santiago with orders to destroy it once awoken -- which his reefersleep casket was programmed to do long before reaching Journey's End. Unfortunately for him, his premature revival sequence was noticed, and he was met by Titus Haussmann and three security personnel. After stabbing Titus he was gunned down, only to rise moments later with drug-induced fervor and slash the throat of a security officer before finally being subdued.

Titus died six months later when the assailant supposedly broke free of his restraints in the medical bay and killed him with a scalpel; in fact, Titus's his son, Sky, merely used the saboteur as his tool, seeking revenge for his "father's" perceived betrayal.

Years later the man was relocated to a small compartment known only to Sky, and tortured by Sky's amphibious lieutenant: Sleek. Driven quite insane after decades of endless abuse, he was eventually convinced Sky was God and Sleek the devil, and wholeheartedly agreed to play the role of Sky and be executed in his stead.

Notes Edit

  • Sky understands why the man could not simple have had a nuclear device implanted in his arm, as it would almost certainly have been detected. However, he does feel scorn for the lack of imagination on the part of whomever sent the saboteur, as a simple viral agent could have eliminated the entire crew and left the ship adrift in interstellar space.
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