Thalia Ng was a native of Yellowstone and a law enforcement officer in the Panoply, the police force of the Glitter Band.

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She was a former Cadet in the Panoply police force and a novice Field Prefect. Early in her professional career as Field Prefect, she was overseen and supervised as a new member of the force by her superior, Field Prefect Tom Dreyfus, and fellow Field Prefect Sparver Bancal.

While on her first major assignments, accompanied by Dreyfus and Sparver, Thalia showed small degrees of nervousness and apprehension about how well she handled her conduct as a prefect. She also made light of her speed-reading ability. Dreyfus and Sparver were quite adamant about her doing fine and simply needing to get into the flow of things before she got fully accustomed to her job. Thalia also showed a rather sensitive and idealistic streak, empathising with inhabitants of House Perrigal's orbital habitat during its strict lockdown, finding the punishment appropriate, but a bit too strict.

Two years after the major investigation early into her Field Prefect career, Ng still continued in her daily prefect work with Dreyfus and Sparver, now with further experience as a prefect.

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  • Her surname, of Cantonese origin, is pronounced as "eng" or "ung".
  • It's ambiguous whether the character of K.C. Ng (a.k.a. "Case") from Revelation Space is in any way a distant relative or descendant of Thalia. Given that Ng is a common Chinese family name in Cantonese (one of the languages that the fictional Canasian is based on), the identical family name might be purely a coincidence.

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