Tanner Mirabel was a former soldier/assassin from Sky's Edge, later becoming security chief to arms trader Cahuella. A ruthlessly efficient and intelligent fighter, he failed to prevent an ambush, and accidentally caused the death of Cahuella's wife, Gitta. His mind was subsequently trawled by Cahuella and his memories and identity used to create a disguise, allowing Cahuella to leave the 61 Cygni A system seeking revenge, while Tanner was left for dead as punishment for his failure.

After clawing out of the maw of the poisoned hamadryad, Tanner received healing for his foot -- injured during the same ambush that killed Gitta -- from Northern soldiers who knew him by reputation. Mercilessly killing his would-be admirers, he then traveled to Nueva Valparaiso and killed Deiterling, an agent of Cahuella. From there he managed to find his way up to the Orvieto, a lighthugger in orbit -- no mean feat, as the Space Elevator had recently been destroyed.

Once emerging from reefersleep, Mirabel, after some escapades in Chasm City, was "invited" to a meeting with the man he came to kill. After arriving at Refuge, he was detained by Argent Reivich, until his former employer could arrive.

Once face-to-face Tanner expertly killed Argent Reivich by throwing a knife into his head, a brief scuffle with Cahuella followed where Tanner was easily the stronger and more powerful fighter. He would have emerged victorious, if not for bio-augmentations his soon-to-be-killer had done: the last thing Tanner saw was a gaping maw and two poison fangs sinking into his throat.


Notes Edit

  • Most of our knowledge of Tanner comes from the stolen memories Cahuella implanted into himself, however these are increasingly tainted by the morality and character of Cahuella himself, making reliable character description difficult.
  • When Tanner does, for a short while, appear in Chasm City, he seems considerably colder and more amoral than the version we see through the minds-eye of Cahuella. (Although it is implied that this is because of Cahuella feeding him to a hamadryad).
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