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The Sylveste family (also referred to as House Sylveste) were a long-standing, respected and affluent Demarchist lineage, one of the wealthy and influential families of Yellowstone's de facto oligarchical Demarchist elites. They played a major role in Demarchist history since at least the era of the Demarchist settlement of Yellowstone, and then well into the Belle Epoque era of the planet.

The Sylveste family had a reputation for being a clan of intrepid scientists and researchers. They were founders and patrons of the Sylveste Institute, a research organisation that dabbled in several scientific disciplines, including exobiology and the study of vanished alien civilisations.

Notable members of the Sylveste family[]

  • Lorean Sylveste (pre-25th century) - an important ancestor within the family, considered something of a borderline folk hero among the inhabitants of Yellowstone; the Yellowstone city of Loreanville and a Demarchist-owned lighthugger were named in his honour
  • Calvin Sylveste (25th century) - son of Lorean and a citizen of Chasm City, led research into mind-uploading and was among The Eighty, victims of a large mind-uploading experiment with tens of volunteers gone wrong
  • Rosalyn Souitane (25th century) - the wife of Calvin Sylveste and, on paper, Dan Sylveste's mother; however, Dan later learned he was, for the most part, a clone of his father Calvin, with some differing traits (including those based on his official mother) to differentiate him from his father
  • Dan Sylveste - son of Calvin Sylveste, renowned scientist and scholar of the Sylveste Institute, leader of the research expedition to study the extinct Amarantin civilisation on Resurgam; not entirely the biological son of Calvin and Rosalyn, as he later learned he was actually a genetically engineered child
  • Alicia Sylveste - née Alicia Keller, ex-wife of Dan Sylveste, leader of a mutiny among the Resurgam researchers and colonists that commandeered the expedition's only lighthugger and left Resurgam
  • Pascale Sylveste - née Pascale Girardieau, daughter of Nils Girardieau, a rival of Dan Sylveste during the Resurgam expedition, and later the second wife of Dan Sylveste


See also[]

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