Storm Bird was a freighter originally registered out of Carousel New Copenhagen in the Epsilon Eridani system and owned by Antoinette Bax, who had been given the vessel by its previous owner/operator, her father, James Bax. The in-system hauler was maintained by mechanic Xavier Liu, who had a romantic relationship with Antoinette.

Its armaments were limited -- outclassed by even the most lightly-armed Conjoiner corvette or Demarchist raider. They consisted of one foam-phase hydrogen railgun, two gigawatt excimers, one Breitenbach three-millimetre boser with a proton-electron precursor, several solid-state close-action slug guns with megahertz firing rate, one cascade-pulse single-use graser, and a Gatling gun. The ship also possessed an integrated gamma-level subpersona, Beast.

After being used by Antoinette to complete her father's last wish of being buried in Tangerine Dream's atmosphere, Storm Bird were saved from being crushed in the gas giant's gravity by a random act of kindness from Conjoiner Nevil Clavain. The hauler was later used to pay that debt, retrieving Clavain from space after his defection, fighting off banshee marauders, and delivering him safely to the Rust Belt.

Storm Bird -- and her owner -- were later recruited to join the Zodiacal Light on an expedition to acquire the cache weapons to fight the Inhibitors.