Sparver Bancal was a hyperpig citizen of Yellowstone, who worked as a prefect for the Panoply, a law enforcement agency for the Glitter Band.

He worked under Supreme Prefect Jane Aumonier and his boss, fellow Field Prefect Tom Dreyfus. Along with Dreyfus, Sparver served as something of a mentor to newcomer Field Prefect Thalia Ng, previously a Cadet.

Sparver was noted for his professional, but also fairly jovial demeanour.


Notes Edit

  • Sparver's given name is from a term of Germanic origin, known in Middle English as sparver or sperver and in Middle French as esprevier, espervier, meaning "sparrowhawk". It is also comparable to the Dutch term sperware, "sparrow", one of the word roots of the English and French term. In English, a sparver can also denote a form of canopy bed. Like many hyperpig personal names, Sparver's is more of an unusual, symbolic name, rather than a directly adopted human name.
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