The Solar System, also referred to as the First System by later interstellar colonists, is the home planetary system of Earth, a terrestrial life-bearing planet, and the homeworld of Earth lifeforms, including humans.

History Edit

Humanity developed technology sufficient for spaceflight in the mid 20th century.

During the course of the 21st century, a gradual manned colonisation effort followed, establishing colonies on the Moon, later Mars and some of the moons of Jupiter (e.g. Europa).

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Known celestial bodiesEdit

  • Sun (main star)
    • Mercury (terrestrial planet)
    • Venus (terrestrial planet)
    • Earth (terrestrial planet, Human homeworld)
    • Mars (terrestrial planet, Earth colony, later contested between early Conjoiners and the Coalition)
    • the asteroid belt of the Solar System
    • Jupiter (gas giant, various Earth colonies in its vicinity)
    • Saturn (gas giant)
    • Uranus (gas giant)
    • Neptune (neutron star companion)
    • the Kuiper Belt of the Solar System


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