Skyjacks were a human/humanoid faction similar to Ultras in that they spent most of their time in ships. Skyjacks were comet and asteroid miners who presumably keep an eye out for salvage and other items of interest. Skyjacks were known to tether themselves to unclaimed comets and drill test bores. An unnamed Skyjack was the architect of the glass bridge that spans an immense gap. After the bridge was destroyed a video message of the Skyjack was transmitted across the moon, Hela, lamenting the loss of the bridge.

Trollhattan, a master glassblower famous for incredibly intricate room-size glass creations, some so delicate that they could not support themselves even in the weaker gravity of a moon, was a Skyjack.

There was a Skyjack presence somewhere in the vicinity of Yellowstone (or its system).

Notes Edit

  • Reynolds makes only a few references to Skyjacks in his novels, and thus Skyjacks are one of the least explored factions in the Revelation Space Universe.
  • The name appears to be derived from 'steeplejack,' craftsmen who use scaffolding and pulleys to scale and repair buildings.
  • Trollhattan was the only Skyjack ever mentioned by name. His limbs were robotic, like those of many Ultras, but it is not clear just how common such augmentations are among Skyjacks.