Simple life forms present in very large numbers in the glacial ice on Diadem. The worms are small and slow moving. They bore tunnels in the ice, leaving chemical signals that are detected by other worms. Breeding tangles are frequently observed, in which the three distinct sexes participate to exchange genetic material and nutrients.

The worms are named after the American scientist Martin Setterholm, who's research was focused on the vast network of worms in the surface ice. He observed that the tunnels, chemical markers, breeding tangles, and a myriad of other properties of the network formed and maintained regular patterns despite eons of geological change. He likened the resultant system to brain synapses and speculated that the worms, although individually unaware, formed something like an immense and very slow mind. He believed that this "mind" may even possess a consciousness. He manages to convince Nevil Clavain that his theory has merit.

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