Originally launched in 2083 as a part of the Flotilla, humanity's first manned interstellar colonization effort, the Santiago was the primary instigator of the fleet-wide conflict that would escalate on Journey's End into a full-scale war spanning centuries.

When final deceleration maneuvers were set to begin, during the final leg of the journey to the 61 Cygni A system, the Santiago failed to engage their engines in sync with the rest of the Flotilla. Years earlier, Sky Haussmann had conspired with his childhood friend, Norquinco, to tamper with the reefersleep caskets and prepare those that harbored deceased individuals to be ejected from the ship. The aim was to decrease the vessel's mass significantly enough to allow them to decelerate harder later, staying in cruise mode longer, and thus arriving at Journey's End sooner.

The initial stages of the plan worked perfectly, with the mass ejected seamlessly. Unfortunately, the deception forced Captain Zamudio of the Palestine to attempt a mid-burn shut down of his antimatter-fueled engines, resulting in the destruction of the vessel. This failed experiment allowed both the Brazilia and the Baghdad to perform similar shutdowns, but without catastrophic containment breach.

His secret advantage unmasked, both remaining adversaries performed in days what had taken Norquinco years, and Captain Haussmann was forced to eject caskets filled with still living people to maintain his edge. This act, years later on Journey's End, would result in the condemnation and supposed execution of Sky Haussmann.

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