Sandra Voi was a Demarchist scientist, diplomat, and pioneer. She was also the designer of the Great Wall of Mars, and one of the first humans to submerge in the oceans of Europa. Decades later in 2205, she was killed on Mars by an Ouroborus-class "worm" while acting as a neutral observer accompanying Nevil Clavain in his final attempt to broker peace between the Conjoiners and the Coalition for Neural Purity.

A namesake descendant of her's, Sandra Voi, was alive in the 26th century and held a position in the Yellowstone Demarchist military. After Clavain's defection from the Conjoiners due to his dissatisfaction with their trajectory under Skade's leadership, Clavain was brought for interrogation in Yellowstone, headed by the namesake Sandra Voi.


Notes Edit

  • She is hinted to be of Francophone Canadian ancestry, as her native language is Quebecois French. This seems related to the Francophone influence seen in Demarchist society since its earliest days. One of the future languages used by later Demarchists, Canasian, incorporates many elements of Quebecois French and is said to be a language of the elites, in a nod to Voi's historical influence.
  • Her surname, Voi, is pronounced "voy" (rhymes with the word "envoy").

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  • Voi family - One of the most respected and affluent Demarchist lineages, the Voi family had played a major role in Demarchist history since its early days and well into the Belle Epoque.
  • Sandra Voi - The first operational prototype lighthugger, named by Clavain and Galiana in Voi's honour.
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