Richard Swift was a citizen of Chasm City on Yellowstone. For many years, he had worked in research of extraterrestrial life, including that of long-vanished civilisations rediscovered by humanity in a variety of systems.

Swift is the main protagonist of the novella Diamond Dogs.

Personal history Edit

His childhood friend from a similarly wealthy Yellowstone family was Roland Childe, with whom Richard spent many years of their childhood engaging in a favourite hobby of their's: Constructing various simulated mazes and obstacle courses, often large and complex enough to get lost in for entire days.

In his adult years, Swift worked in researching extraterrestrial life, particularly communication with alien beings, and efforts to decipher their languages or methods of communication.

He was formerly married to Celestine, with whom he reunited during Childe's invitation for an expedition to the planet Golgotha, the location of the infamous and poorly understood Blood Spire. Swift and Celestine ultimately decided to follow Childe and the rest of his team to Golgotha, aboard the lighthugger Apollyon.

Appearances Edit

Adaptations Edit

In the 2017 theatrical adaptation of Diamond Dogs (by the House Theatre, Chicago), Richard Swift was portrayed by John Henry Roberts.

Notes Edit

  • Aside from being the protagonist, Swift also serves as the first-person narrator of Diamond Dogs.
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