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<mainpage-leftcolumn-start /><div style="text-align:center;"><br /><big>'''Welcome to {{SITENAME}}'''</big><br />This wiki is about the Revelation Space Universe.
[[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]] since December 2008
<gallery type="slider">
Revelation Space slider.png|''Revelation Space''|linktext='An impressive first novel, and quite possibly the space opera of 2000' – Locus|link=Revelation Space
Redemption Ark slider.png|''Redemption Ark''|linktext=The Inhibitors have returned. Don't make any long-term plans.|link=Redemption Ark
Absolution Gap slider.png|''Absolution Gap''|linktext=It's time for Humanity to meet its Unmaker...|link=Absolution Gap
Chasm City slider.png|''Chasm City''|linktext='One of the best SF novels of the year' – Locus|link=Chasm City (novel)
==Contents <small>([[Special:AllPages|view all pages]])</small>==
* [[:Category:Books|Books]] and [[:Category:stories|stories]]
** The [[:Category:Inhibitor trilogy|Inhibitor trilogy]] novel series
*** ''[[Revelation Space (novel)|Revelation Space]]''
*** ''[[Redemption Ark]]''
*** ''[[Absolution Gap]]''
** ''[[Chasm City (novel)|Chasm City]]''
** The ''[[:Category:A Prefect Dreyfus Emergency|A Prefect Dreyfus Emergency]]'' novel series
*** ''[[Aurora Rising]]'' (originally titled ''The Prefect'')
*** ''[[Elysium Fire]]''
** ''[[Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days]]'' (anthology)
** ''[[Galactic North]]'' (anthology)
* [[:Category:Factions|Factions]]
** [[Conjoiners]]
** [[Demarchists]]
** [[Ultras]]
** [[Skyjacks]]
* Official [[timeline]]
* [[:Category:Characters|Characters]]
**[[Nevil Clavain]]
**[[Ilia Volyova]]
**[[Ana Khouri]]
**[[Dan Sylveste]]
**[[Tanner Mirabel]]
* [[:Category:Locations|Locations]]
** [[Resurgam]]
** [[Sky's Edge]]
** [[Yellowstone]]
** [[Hela]]
** [[Haldora]]
** [[Ararat]]
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{{w:SciFiAlliance}}<br />
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