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Resurgam was a terrestrial planet orbiting Delta Pavonis. By the time it was colonized by Dan Sylveste's expedition circa 2511, the entire world was comprised of deserts and possessed an atmosphere toxic to humans.

The planet was notable for its buried artefacts from an extinct alien race known as the Amarantin (who later were discovered to be the ancestors of the Shrouders). The guiding reason behind the Lorean's journey was to uncover the 990,000 year old remains of the avian species and to shed light on the apparent lack of space-faring sentience in the galaxy.

In 2633, Resurgam was rendered uninhabitable once again by an Inhibitor solar weapon, which caused a solar flare to eradicate all life on the planet.


  • Cuvier
  • North Nekhebet
    • Mantell Sector
      • Mantell
      • Ptero Steppes

RS Glossary entry[]

Resurgam: An archaeological colony orbiting Delta Pavonis, the former homeworld of the avian Amarantin.
- description from the official RS glossary [1]





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