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Remontoire was one of the most prominent of the founding Conjoiners. He played a leading role in the defence and evacuation of the Conjoiners' main nest on Mars when Nevil Clavain was first inducted into the Conjoined. A century later, in 2303, he assisted Irravel Veda in the repair of her ship Hirondelle, after her encounter with Captain Run Seven. He was then betrayed by her and became the prisoner of Run Seven. He became the object of Run Sevens' sadism until he was rescued by the Conjoiners. Centuries later, he, Clavain, and Skade worked together among the top leadership of the Conjoiners. After Clavain defected from the Conjoiners, Remontoire also ended up following him and turning against Skade. Remontoire was responsible for originally capturing Scorpio, who tried to kill him then, but would eventually work closely with him. When Remontoire learned that Clavain had been killed, he paused and focused all his thoughts on mourning Clavain for a full ten seconds, which was seen as a profound act of devotion for a Conjoiner, -- Although later, he told to Scorpio that he had not finished grieving yet. Another Conjoiner, Weather, who belonged to another faction that had been out of contact with Clavain and Remontoire for centuries, revered Remontoire as the greatest leader of the early Conjoiners.

Remontoire's last known action was to try to draw an Inhibitor swarm away from Nostalgia for Infinity. The outcome of the engagement was unknown, but the leaders of the Infinity crew considered him unlikely to have survived after his last transmission.


  • Remontoire's name, like that of the Conjoiner Clepsydra in The Prefect, is a term from horology.
  • In the short story "Galactic North", it is revealed that Remontoire's experiences were merged into the Conjoiner collective memory at some point in time. They are kept preserved for thousands of years, and at one point used create a likeness of him to negotiate with Irravel Veda, whom he met with in Galactic North.