Rauma Bernsdottir was a female Ultranaut and the captain of the lighthugger Equinoctial.

Her ship was carrying Conjoiner passengers when it encountered a region of space with mysteriously altered spacetime. Tensions errupted between Rauma's crew and the Conjoiners aboard her ship over the study of the phenomennon.

The anomaly would later become known among scientists under the moniker "Shroud". Researchers developed an interest on the possible presence of intelligences dubbed "Shrouders" within the anomaly. Bernsdottir was still remembered several centuries later for discovering the first known Shroud.

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  • In the continuity of the series, she is first referred to in Revelation Space, largelly by her family name, as a historical figure involved in the early discovery of the mysterious Shroud phenomennon. There is a roughly 200 year divide between the events of Night Passage and Revelation Space.
  • Her family name, Bernsdottir, is Icelandic in origin and is closer to a patronymic than a true surname (most modern Icelandic people still use patronymic second names, rather than surnames). The suffix -dottir is of feminine gender and indicates she is literally a daughter of someone, presumably a man named Bernd or Bernard. Her given name, Rauma, is unusual in the present day, but there is a well-known Finnish town called Rauma.
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