A ramliner was a particular subcategory or variant of a lighthugger starship, specialised for interstellar transport of large quantities of passengers hibernating in reefersleep.

Technically, any lighthugger was big enough to be repurposed for carrying large numbers (thosuands to tens of thousands) of passengers, but ramliners were intended to be purpose-equipped with an adequate number of reefersleep caskets.

Lighthuggers serving as ramliners Edit

Notes Edit

  • The use of the term might be something of an attempt by Alastair Reynolds to sidestep a possible inconsistency of his early Revelation Space series stories with the later ones. In the earlier short stories Dilation Sleep and Galactic North, the term "lighthugger" is not used at all - possibly not yet devised by the author - and the interstellar ships are referred to throughout as "ramliners". In all later RS universe works, the main type of human starship is consistently referred to as a "lighthugger", but the term "ramliner" still appears from time to time, always implying a passenger-focused lighthugger.
  • Ramliners are not to be confused with the short-lived Demarchist effort at building a large, central ramscoop powered ship (the Atalanta). As lighthuggers, ramliners also utilise a particular variation of the ramscoop for their Conjoiner drive engines, but using different technology and having the engines positioned outside of the ship's main hull.

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  • Lighthugger - The human-built (Conjoiner-designed) interstellar spacecraft type that ramliners are a subset of.
  • Liner - An interplanetary equivalent of the ramliner, a purely in-system passenger ship of varying sizes and designs, incapable of interstellar crossings.
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