Quickmatter was a highly versatile substance used by the Yellowstone Demarchy during the Belle Epoque. Essentially programmable matter, it was capable of breaking down detritus -- from used clothes to half-eaten food -- and storing its raw elements for later use. It also possessed a robust self-repair mechanism, as even the cutting function of a Panoply whiphound was incapable of inflicting lasting damage.

Unfortunately, in 2510 quickmatter became one of the first technological casualties of the Melding Plague, as its ability to reshape itself made it susceptible to the disease.

Notes Edit

  • The technology is referenced and shown frequently in the novels Aurora Rising abd Elysium Fire.
  • An example of its everyday use is when prefect Dreyfus drops an empty cup onto the floor, and the cup is absorbed into it, its matter broken down and stored for later use somewhere else in the habitat.
  • It is never stated, but its susceptibility to the Melding Plague implies that it is a form of nanotechnology.
  • The Demarchists' apparent widespread use of quickmatter could conceivably be the primary reason why Chasm City's infrastructure is so deformed in Chasm City.
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