Queen Jasmina was the Ultra commander and ruler of the lighthugger Gnostic Ascension. Addicted to extreme pain as a means of staying attached to reality despite her numerous augmentations, she utilized cloned bodies grown aboard the vessel by Surgeon-General Grelier. These bodies were controlled by her and put through torturous regimes, eventually rendering them effectively dead and useless. This quirk proved to be her undoing, as Grelier, under orders from his co-conspirator Quaiche, sabotaged a batch of clones, rendering her unable to undergo torture. This made her detached from reality and allowed the humans to attempt a botched takeover of the Ascension, which led to her death.

She also had a habit of sealing those who displeased her inside a sensory-deprivation suit of shielded metal and placing them within the ice hull of the Ascension. This unusual tendency also factored into her death, as her sealing of the Ultra Morwenna in said suit cost the women her life, leading her lover (Quaiche) to plot an insurrection.



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