A plasma rifle is a more advanced handheld energy weapon that fires a particle beam or stream of heated plasma. By the 26th century of the Revelation Space universe, plasma rifles have been an available weapons technology for at least three centuries. One notable manufacturer and designer of plasma rifles was Breitenbach.

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One particular description of a plasma rifle, a rapid-cycle plasma rifle occurs in Chapter 26 of Revelation Space, from the point of view of Ana Khouri:

Volyova had, rather ominously, mentioned heavier ordnance, and Khouri had taken care of that as well, but only partially from the displayed wares. There had been a nice rapid-cycle plasma rifle, manufactured three centuries ago, but by no means outdated, and its neural-feed aiming system would make it very useful in close combat. It was light, as well, and when she hefted it, she felt that she knew the weapon immediately. There was also something obscenely alluring about the weapon's protective jacket of black leather: mottled and oiled to a high sheen, with patches cut away to expose controls, readouts and attachment points. It would suit her, but what could she bring back for Volyova? She perused the shelves for as long as she dared (which could not have been more than five minutes), and while there was no shortage of intriguing and even bewildering hardware, there was nothing which exactly matched what she had in mind. [1]

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  1. Revelation Space (2000), chapter 26

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