Phobos is a moon of Mars. Present in the First System, it was the site of a Conjoiner Nest during the 23rd Century, and the base of the shipyard in which the Conjoiners first ship, the Sandra Voi, was built and launched from.



Phobos was involved in at least one interplanetary war, as it held a nest of autonomous mechanical 'worms' during the 23rd Century. Although the Coalition for Neural Purity attempted to irradiate the worms, they were unsuccessful.

Use as a Conjoiner Base and ShipyardEdit

Between the beginning of hostilities between baseline humanity - specifically the Coalition of Neural Purity - and the Conjoiners, and the beginning of the war between the two parties, a base was set up on Phobos. The base was also the target of a large mass driver that was used to evacuate the Conjoiner Nest on Mars, and also a shipyard, where the first interplanetary Conjoiner Drive was built and used in the function of the first starship, eventually named the Sandra Voi, after the recently deceased Demarchist of that name.

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