Philip Lascaille was the first person known to have returned alive from a visit to the Shrouders.

Biography Edit

While working at a research station near a Shroud, Lascaille embarked on an unsanctioned excursion to the Shroud's boundary of restructured spacetime, managing to penetrate it and make contact with the Shrouders within. The experience profoundly affected Lascaille, leaving him mute and exhibiting behavioral symptoms resembling a form of autism. He was taken to the Sylveste Institute for Shrouder Studies, where he became a permanent resident and subject of study. The Shroud he had visited would henceforth be known as Lascaille's Shroud.

Lascaille experienced a period of lucidity when he explained to Dan Sylveste how to be altered by the Pattern Jugglers to visit the Shrouders. Lascaille then apparently committed suicide, having completed the task the Shrouders had impressed upon him.

In the later novel The Prefect, his alpha simulation becomes the intelligence inside The Clockmaker, and it is revealed that his "suicide" was actually murder.

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