Pascale Girardieau was the daughter of Nils Girardieau, one of the prominent leaders of the research colony established on the planet Resurgam by Yellowstone Demarchists working for the Sylveste Institute. In the later years of the Resurgam colony, Nils Girardieau became a political rival to Dan Sylveste, the leader and backer of the Resurgam expedition. Pascale, Nils' daughter, became part of a plan by Girardieau to monitor and expose Sylveste, in order to undermine his continued leadership over the colony.

Pascale worked as a local journalist in Cuvier and elsewhere on Resurgam. She became a participant in her father's plan to spy on Sylveste, posing under the alias Pascale Dubois. Sylveste learned this only later, after marrying her. Dan and Pascale befriended each other professionally while Pascale was working on news coverage of Sylveste's Amarantin archaeological digs in the Mantell sector of Resurgam.

Despite the earlier deception, Dan and Pascale held a great deal of affection for each other as husband and wife. They continued to look out after each other after Sylveste escaped prison. When Sylveste was captured by the crew of the Nostalgia for Infinity on Resurgam and secretly ferried to the lighthugger, Pascale accompanied Sylveste to the ship. During the later confrontation with the Sun Stealer, which attacked the Nostalgia near Hades and Cerberus via gaining control over its internal systems, Pascale joined Ana Khouri and Ilia Volyova in their defence of the ship. She used a particle-beam pistol, hastily manufactured by Khouri in the Warchive, as her sidearm.

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