A particle-beam rifle was a handheld energy weapon for ranged combat, the larger counterpart to particle-beam pistols (a.k.a. "beamers").

In the early 23rd century, during a diplomatic mission to the Conjoiners on Mars, Nevil Clavain seized a beam rifle, similar to the ones he was familiar with from his military service. Like beam pistols, it was powered by an "ammo-cell".

While reminescenting about Sky's Edge during his visit to Yellowstone, "Tanner Mirabel" mentioned particle-beam rifles (and pistols) several times, having experience with them in both hunting and warfare.

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He searched for the safety clip on the gun. The rifle, now that he studied it more closely, was not all that different from those he had used during the war. The readout said the ammo-cell was fully charged.


Galiana’s people manned their cannon positions and did their best to fend off what they could. Clavain clutched his gun, not firing yet. Best to save his ammo-cell power for a target he stood a chance of injuring.
- excerpts from the short story Great Wall of Mars [1]

We were using live projectile ammo since the beam-weapons we had access to were just too bulky and heavy for self-defence.


...with an old model of particle-beam rifle gripped in one hand, while my other hand held a smaller, slug-firing machine-gun. I'd handled similar weapons myself and I knew that it was physically impossible to fire either singlehandedly, let alone held out nearly at arm's length.
- excerpts from Chasm City [2]

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  2. Chasm City (2001), chapters 8 and 12

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