The center triangle of Nueva Valparaiso was smothered under the anchorpoint terminal of its space elevator, three hundred meters on each side. Sleek and black, its lower levels boasted restaurants, hotels, casinos, and even brothels. Its surface-level concourse, however, was filled with stores-turned-shrines in honor of Sky Haussmann, and rarely frequented. Originally a secular business enterprise, sometime around 2492 the Church of Sky stormed the terminus and threatened to release canisters full of their indoctrination virus if any attempt to retake it was made; eventually a compromise was reached, allowing the Bridge Authority to continue running the space elevator minus a significant portion of the revenue.

The physical bridge was hyperdiamond, five meters in diameter -- mostly hollow -- from orbit until a kilometer from the ground, where it widened to thirty meters purely for the psychological well-being of its perspective users. Cars -- multi-storied structures with dining, recreation, and sleeping facilities -- arrived and departed every five minutes, though seldom were they near capacity.

The orbital thread for the space elevator was severed by a "rogue" nuke circa 2502. Fifteen years later in Epsilon Eridani, Argent Reivich, a former Sky's Edge aristocrat, admitted to intentionally masterminding the entire incident in an effort to kill a single man: Sky Haussmann (aka Cahuella).


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