Originally a low-level member of the crew, Norquinco's friendshipwith future captain Sky Haussmann -- and talent for obsessively tackling complex problems -- allowed him to rise through the ranks. Unfortunately, despite being chosen to participate in both Sky's expedition to the Caleuche and his scheme to shed extra mass for the Santiago, Norquinco eventually overplayed his hand by attempting to blackmail his former-friend. Sky promptly shoved him in front of one of the cargo cars that ran half the length of the Santiago. Alive but dazed, Sky transported him to a reefersleep casket, replaced his body on the tracks with its former occupant, and then reported the terrible "accident" -- savoring the irony that instead of a cushy position aboard the ship with prospects for vast holdings once they settled Journey's End, he would wake in four years with nothing to his name and everyone convinced he had died almost half-a-decade ago.

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