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New Europa was one of the smaller urban settlements on Yellowstone, other than Chasm City itself.

At the time H visited Yellowstone for the first time and boarded the Chasm City Zephyr, he learnt only one train a day left for New Europa or the other smaller cities.


New Europa is mentioned only once, briefly, in chapter Thirteen of Chasm City (2001).

Quirrenbach paused to catch his breath, standing beneath a clattering destination board. It showed departures to Chasm City, Ferrisville, Loreanville, New Europa and beyond, but only about one train a day was leaving to anywhere other than Chasm City. [1]


  • Given the origins of the Demarchists on Jupiter's moon Europa, which served as their main stronghold in the Solar System, "New Europa" might have been named in honour of their earliest colony.


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