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An overview of various melee weapons, either purpose-built or improvised, that appear in the stories of the Revelation Space universe.

Despite the highly advanced weaponry in the future history of the RS universe, melee weapons, both crude and advanced, purpose-built and improvised, still find uses in anti-personnel and self-defence roles, mainly as personal sidearms.

Purpose-built melee weapons[]

Non-ranged handheld weapons purpose-built for melee combat or close quarters combat.

Daggers and bayonets[]

Tanner Mirabel recalled in his memories various combat engagements in the wilderness of Sky's Edge, which often involved men of the various armed groups falling back on daggers and bayonets. [1]

Cahuella's hunting equipment on Sky's Edge was noted to include various daggers and throwing implements, which he wore on his belt.[2]

Long curved knives[]

Wielded by a gang of hyperpigs in The Mulch of Chasm City. [3]

Throwing blades[]

Cahuella's hunting equipment on Sky's Edge was noted to include various daggers and throwing implements, which he wore on his belt.[4]


Whiphounds serve as the multi-purpose personal sidearms of prefects in the Panoply police force of Yellowstone and the Glitter Band. They are non-projectile, less-lethal weapons and are intended primarily for self-defence. Due to their non-ranged nature, they focus on melee combat or close quarters arrests of suspects. Their multi-purpose design allows them to be reconfigured into several different types of melee weaponry, including a whip-like weapon, a baton, or even a sword-like blade. Their only ranged capability outside of the whip implement consists of them being switched to grenade mode and used as an explosive or incapacitating throwing weapon. [5]

Improvised melee weapons[]

Items and devices not intended to be actual weapons, but used as weapons in pressing situations.

Monofilament scythe[]

On Sky's Edge, while on a hunting trip with Cahuella and Gitta, Cahuella's associate Tanner Mirabel uses a monofilament scythe. The tool was used for quickly cutting down local vegetation while preparing a campsite outdoors. When the group came under attack by hired killers, Mirabel successfully utilised the scythe's super-sharp monofilament thread against Rodriguez, one of the hired assassins. [6]


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