Marco Ferris was a pioneer of Yellowstone planetary colonisation, in a period referred to as the "Amerikano era", preceding the later colonisation of the planet by the Demarchists.

Reputation Edit

Due to being a de facto founder of Yellowstone colonisation, Ferris remained a revered historical figure of the planet even after the Demarchists took over, after the previous colonies of the Amerikano era had failed.

Some of the local things named after Ferris included:

Ferris' reputation as a key figure in the early history of Yellowstone settlement even led to him attaining a status akin to that of a folk hero, or legendary figure. This status is reflected in everyday activities in the city (at least post-Plague), even in such minor cultural displays as street entertainment:

I was standing with my back against the wall of Grand Central Station, idly watching a skilled puppeteer entertain a small group of children. The puppeteer worked above a miniature booth, operating a tiny model of Marco Ferris, making the delicately jointed, spacesuited figurine descend a rockface formed from a heap of crumbled masonry. Ferris was supposed to be climbing into the chasm, because there was a pile of jewels at the base of the slope guarded by a fierce, nine-headed alien monster. The children clapped and screamed as the puppeteer made the monster lunge at Ferris.
- excerpt from chapter 25 of Chasm City [1]

Appearances Edit

He is also alluded to in other works, by mentions of landmarks named after him, but not directly.

References Edit

  1. Chasm City (2001), chapter 25
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