The Lorean was a lighthugger that was commissioned by the Sylveste clan to transport colonists and researchers to the planet Resurgam. Named after Lorean Sylveste, local Yellowstone folk hero and grandfather of Dan Sylveste, the vessel succeeded in seeding the colony in the Delta Pavonis system, but was eventually re-purposed by Alicia Keller Sylveste, Dan's third wife.

Twenty years after making landfall on Resurgam a mutiny occurred, led by Alicia, which -- apart from damaging the manufacturing capability and infrastructure of the fledgling colony -- captured the Lorean with the aim of using it to return to the Epsilon Eridani system.

Decades later, however, it was discovered by Dan -- who was abroad the lighthugger Nostalgia for Infinity -- that the Lorean never reached its destination. Instead, it was lifeless in orbit of Cerberus/Hades. The vessel had detected a cometary impact on the moon of Cerberus, but had observed no impact damage. Intrigued, they changed course slightly, to allow them to dispatch a probe. Unfortunately their activity drew the attention of the Banished machines within the moon's crust, and they were quickly crippled, the crew and passengers killed.

Dan and the crew of the Infinity later used the husk of the Lorean as a weapon to penetrate Cerberus's surface defenses.

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