A liner (short for "passenger liner") was a larger civilian interplanetary manned spacecraft, used for long-distance transporting of large numbers of passengers.

There were several types or models of these in-system passenger liners, differing in terms of overall size, passenger capacity and other ammenities.

Notable liners Edit

  • High Catherine - a medium-capacity liner, with a capacity of 6,000 passengers
  • Bellatrix - a larger-capacity liner, with a capacity of 10,000 passengers

Description Edit

"As for those still awaiting transport, our current estimate predicts complete evacuation within four hours, twenty minutes, assuming we can get the liners in and out without incident." "There's a liner docked now?" Dreyfus asked.
"Not a high-capacity vehicle. The biggest ship we have on-station is the medium-capacity liner High Catherine. She can carry six thousand at a time, but she takes a long time to load. The larger ship we've been using, the Bellatrix, can take ten thousand, but we're also using her to offload people from the Persistent Vegetative State."

- excerpt from a conversation between Baudry and Dreyfus, chapter 25 of Aurora Rising [1]

Appearances Edit

Notes Edit

  • Given the differences between the High Catherine and the Bellatrix, it's clear that passenger liners in the Epsilon Eridani system came in a variety of overall sizes and passenger capacities (at least during the 25th century, when the Dreyfus spinoff novels are set).
  • Liners are distinct from ramliners, passenger/sleeper-specialised lighthuggers, which are used for interstellar transport of passengers, generally in reefersleep, inside "reefer caskets", a.k.a. "sleeper caskets".

References Edit

  1. Aurora Rising (2007), chapter 25

See also Edit

  • Ramliner - An interstellar, lighthugger-based equivalent of the interplanetary liner, used for interstellar transport of passengers in reefersleep.
  • Hospital ship - A specialised liner or purpose-built specialised ship, for recovering patients, war veterans, etc.
  • Freighter - A cargo equivalent of the liner, an interplanetary freight ship of varying sizes and designs.
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