Jane Aumonier was a native of Yellowstone. In the first half of the 25th century, she served in the office of Supreme Prefect, the head of the Panoply, the police force of the Glitter Band.

Aumonier was a veteran prefect of many years, and good friends with one of her trusted Field Prefects, Tom Dreyfus.

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Some eleven years before the mysterious attack on the Ruskin-Sartorious habitat of the Glitter Band, Aumonier was briefly kidnapped by a robotic entity known as the Clockmaker. During her kidnapping, the being grafted a "scarab" device onto the upper part of her spinal cord. The device was set to violently kill her if she ever came into the close vicinity of another person, and also prevented her from sleeping and dreaming. For eleven years, Aumonier had to adjust her life to this new personal reality, an experience that wasn't without certain consequences and traumas.

By the time the Clockmaker resurfaced again, eleven years after the incident, and was defeated by the efforts of prefects Dreyfus, Bancal and Ng, a solution was found for Supreme Prefect Aumonier's unique condition. The "scarab" device was eventually successfully removed from her body, and she was able to resume

Some two years later, Aumonier continued in her work as Supreme Prefect, now back to a more usual lifestyle after many years of semi-isolation. She took part in resolving the neural implant meltdown crisis which started occuring in habitats of the Glitter Band, some orbital habitats even opting to politically secede, under the leadership of Julius Devon Garlin Voi. During the investigation, Aumonier's professional friendship with Dreyfus was occassionally put under strain.

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