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The first-edition U.S. cover of Inhibitor Phase, revealed November 2020.

Inhibitor Phase is the fourth and most recent novel in the Inhibitor Cycle, the main narrative sequence in the Revelation Space universe.

Prior to release[]

An 18 page excerpt was included with the trade paperback of Bone Silence.

The book's completion was announced by Alastair Reynolds on his blog, October 8, 2020:

The word count is 170,000 (Reynolds contrasts it to Absolution Gap's 275,000 words).

Included in the blog post is a teaser word cloud, with some words too small to be visible. U.K. publisher Gollancz released the novel on August 26th, 2021; U.S. publisher Orbit targeted a publication date of July 27th, 2021 but actually released on October 12th, 2021.

Plot summary[]

[here be spoilers]