Infinite Stars
Infinite Stars
Author various
Publication date 2017
Pages 674
ISBN 978-1-4767-8213-3
Infinite Stars is a collection of short stories and novellas in space opera settings by various older and contemporary authors, first published by Titan Books in 2017.

The anthology of space opera themed stories by anglophone authors, throughout the whole history of the space opera genre. The editor of Infinite Stars was Bryan Thomas Schmidt.

The collection contains a single novelette contributed by Alastair Reynolds. It is a story set in the Revelation Space universe, titled Night Passage. [1] [2] [3]

In 2018, Night Paasage was also published in that year's anthology annual The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection, by St Martins/Griffin (ed Gardner Dozois). [4]

Contents Edit

Authors and their works included in this collection. [5]

  • Poul Anderson - Duel on Syrtis
  • Robert Silverberg - The Iron Star
  • David Weber - Our Sacred Honor
  • Jack Campbell - Shore Patrol
  • Elizabeth Moon - All In A Day’s Work
  • Nnedi Okofaror - Binti (2015/2016)
  • Lois McMaster Bujold - The Borders of Infinity
  • Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert - The Waters of Kanly
  • David Drake - Cadet Cruise
  • Orson Scott Card - Renegat
  • Catherine Asaro - The Wages of Honor
  • Chuck Gannon - Taste of Ashes
  • William C. Dietz - The Good Shepherd
  • Cordwainer Smith - The Game Of Rat and Dragon (1955)
  • Linda Nagata - Region Five
  • Alastair Reynolds - Night Passage (2017)
  • Jean Johnson - How To Be A Barbarian in the Late 25th Century
  • Bennett R. Coles - Twenty Excellent Reasons
  • Jody Lynn Nye - Imperium Imposter
  • Dave Bara - Last Day Of Training


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