Hospice Idlewild was one of the orbital habitats of the order of Ice Mendicants, orbiting Yellowstone as part of the post-Plague Rust Belt.

Like all Ice Mendicant hospices, Idlewild focused on recuperation and therapy of lighthugger passengers thawed out from reefersleep, after the paseengers' arrival to Yellowstone orbit.

History Edit

It was in operation during the 26th century, already just a few years after the devastating outbreak of the Melding Plague, which had damaged and transformed the now-former Glitter Band, as well as planetary settlements like Chasm City.

Employees of Idlewild included Sister Amelia and Sister Duscha.

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  • It (or Ice Mendicant hospices in general) bore the nickname of "Hotel Amnesia" (at least according to sister Amelia).

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