Hirz was a hacker, skilled in espionage, and an "information retrieval specialist". She participated in the expedition to the Blood Spire on Golgotha.

Personal history Edit

Hirz was a woman of a more diminutive build, her shorter stature being compared to that of a taller child. She considered herself an "information retrieval specialist". Explaining this moniker to other members of the Golgotha expedition, she notes she specialises in clandestine infiltration for high-level corporate clients in the Glitter Band. This included physical espionage, "some of the time", in her own words. However, for the most part, Hirz admitted to being "what used to be called a hacker". She prided herself in being good at her job.

Other than her line of work, little is known about Hirz's past before she joined the expedition to the Blood Spire on Golgotha, organised by Richard Swift's old friend Roland Childe. Hirz embarked with Childe and the rest of his team on the lighthugger Apollyon, set for Golgotha.

While sharing a meal with other expedition members, shortly before their first visit to the Blood Spire, Hirz confided she had a peculiar dream about trying to infiltrate an alien structure on some moon, and the structure always kept killing her, then resurrecting her, bringing her back to square one. Hirz admitted she also had another dream, which included some tomb-like environment, a rolling hat and the urge to rescue the hat. A surprised Richard Swift and Celestine noted they had very similar dreams, including the one with the hat.

Hirz grew increasingly uneasy as the expedition navigated the inside of the Blood Spire, the structure and its inner workings giving her a bad feeling.

Appearances Edit

Adaptations Edit

In the 2017 theatrical adaptation of Diamond Dogs (by the House Theatre, Chicago), Hirz was portrayed by Elana Elyce.

In the audiobook adaptation of Diamond Dogs, narrated by John Lee, Hirz is given a somewhat "working class" British accent.

Notes Edit

  • She goes only by her apparent surname.
  • Though possibly an inhabitant of Yellowstone like most of the other Golgotha expedition members, this is never really adressed in the novella. It is unknown whether Hirz is a local or an immigree to the Epsilon Eridani system.
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