Hermetics were various individuals in the Yellowstone Demarchy who were affected by the Melding Plague or sought to remain implanted with nanotechnologies despite the threat of the Plague after its outbreak, for either quality-of-life or life-extension reasons.

Hermetics were mostly wealthier citizens of post-Plague Chasm City or Yellowstone's orbital habitats, who had enough of a financial background to keep preserving their implants via the use of palanquins. Though forced to live most of their life inside these devices and transports, the palanquins provided them with one of the few environments in Yellowstone entirely safe from the nanotechnology- and implants-attacking Melding Plague.

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Hermetic: In the post-plague era, someone who retains subcellular implants, protecting themselves against contamination by remaining inside sealed armour.
- description from the official RS glossary [1]


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