Grelier was an Ultranaut crew member of the lighthugger Gnostic Ascension, where he served the role of surgeon-general.

Personal history Edit

Grelier, like his associates Horris Quaiche and Morwenna, was a crew member of the Gnostic Ascension and an underling of the ship's leader, Queen Jasmina.

After the destruction of their home lighthugger, Quaiche and Grelier took refuge on the icy moon of Hela. Here, they eventually established a powerbase for themselves, centered on a new religious movement (some would say "cult") founded by Quaiche (now known as "Dean Quaiche"), based on his near-death experiences after crashlanding on Hela. Decades later, with Quaiche's movement in full control of the moon and being influential in nearby space, Grelier would continue to serve as Quaiche's personal doctor and right-hand man.


Notes Edit

  • He is a major supporting character to Quaiche, during the events on Hela in the Inhibitor trilogy's final novel, Absolution Gap. In a sense, he and Quaiche serve as the major antagonists of the novel (besides the more major threat of the Inhibitors).
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