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Grand Teton was a planet in an unspecified planetary system, first explored and settled in the Amerikano era of interstellar colonisation.

One of its native lifeforms was the Slime Scraper. [1] The creature presumably fed on a form of local natural landforms, known as "slime-towers".[2]

Nils Girardieau revealed to Dan Sylveste that he wasn't actually a native of Yellowstone ("Stoner"). He was born on Grand Teton, and moved to Yellowstone only some seven years before the departure of Sylveste's expedition to Resurgam, in which Girardieu decided to take part. His daughter Pascale grew up within Yellowstonian Demarchist culture, particularly on Resurgam.[3]

While "Tanner Mirabel" was investigating on Yellowstone after his arrival to the planet, he asked Quirrenbach on his origins, with Quirrenbach claiming to be from Grand Teton. Mirabel then mentioned in conversation with Quirrenbach that he had heard it is "one of the nicer places" to live.[4]



  • The planet's name is based on Grand Teton, the tallest mountain in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park and one of the tallest in the Teton Range of Wyoming. Like many planet names from the Amerikano era of interstellar colonisation, it references North American geography, often scenic locations.
  • The planet seems to be at least somewhat settled, given the mention in Chasm City of the "Fand-Yellowstone-Grand Teton run" being a lucrative lighthugger trade route.


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