Golgotha was an inhospitable terrestrial planet in an unspecified planetary system, noted to be far from any typical lighthugger routes. By the late 25th century, it was discovered only recently.

The crew that performed its earliest reconnaisance had found a strange, tall structure floating above the surface of the planet. This was the Blood Spire, a construct of unknown, presumably alien origin.

The presence of the Blood Spire piqued the interest of Yellowstonian adventurer Roland Childe, who secretly organised an expedition to the planet, recruiting his old friend Richard Swift or controversial researchers, such as Dr. Trintignant.

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  • The planet's name is an obvious Biblical allusion, to Golgotha, the location of Christ's crucifixion, also known under the alternate name Calvary. The first name is derived from Aramaic, golgolta, "skull", and is often translated as "the place of the skull". In many modern languages, "Golgotha" or "calvary" are also used in a figurative sense, indicating a place of great ordeal and great personal sacrifice.
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