The Gnostic Ascension was an Ultra-controlled lighthugger captained by Queen Jasmina. Despite once being relatively well-known, the vessel had faded into obscurity by the year 2615. During that same year it traveled to the 107 Pascium system seeking anything of value.

It was destroyed accidentally by a particle beam emplacement located on the planet Hela during an attempted takeover by human co-conspirators Quaiche and Grelier. Both humans survived, but Queen Jasmina did not. It was this event (that's cause was concealed by Quaiche) that later provided him with the justification to keep all lighthuggers away from Hela itself, forcing them to park in a swarm at the edge of the system.

Crew Edit

  • Queen Jasmina
  • Morwenna
  • Quaiche
  • Grelier
  • Numerous Unnamed Ultra Crewmembers
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